PIANO students from the piano class of Marija Ligeti Balint
gUEST SPEAKER: Natasa Sekulic

This concert is part of ClimateKeys; a new global movement of musical conversations about climate change established by London-based composer pianist Lola Perrin. ClimateKeys concerts begin in October 2017 and are performed by musicians all over the world. Each concert include a guest speakers who gives a short talk about positive response to climate change and also a conversation with the audience

17 November 2017 at 6.30pm
Pancevo, Serbia

"This concert is for teenagers. It is the second concert in ClimateKeys series in Pancevo. Thanks to composer pianist Lola Perrin and her fantastic idea, we have the honor and opportunity to spread the idea of talking about climate changes. Children are the future of this planet. Together we are trying to make this world a better place to live. To make all of us THINK. LISTEN. ACT." (Marija Ligeti Balint)

All the students are from the piano class of Marija Ligeti Balint. The guest-speaker is Natasa Sekulic. Her students from `23. maj` Technical Highschool are included in workshops presenting experiments regarding climate changes and their effects on our planet. The students from Graphic Design Department work on creating posters and fliers for this occasion.

Muzička škola „Jovan Bandur“

Ulica vojvode Živojina Mišića 3



"We're witnessing the changes in temperatures, much warmer summers, colder winters, rains either too heavy, or no rain at all... just to mention a few most obvious ones. I was born and still live in Pancevo, one of the most polluted cities of Serbia. Part of my life is the constant worry about what we do to our planet and the effort to make it a better, healthier place to be. ClimateKeys takes this effort to a global level. We need to open people’s minds and hearts to see what’s going on and to take steps to change what we all can – still we can. It’s great to be a part of this global project initiated by Lola Perrin and supported by many great musicians and guest speakers worldwide. I hope that together we can make the change, to leave our children a planet of hope and joy of life!” (MARIJA LIGETI BALINT - PIANIST COMPOSER)


Bogdan Gnjidic 4th grade

Pachelbel: Canon in D

Iliev: Etude F major

Ganz: Lion

Tijana Cvetkovic 5th grade

Marjana Stepanovic: Camille

Doring: Etude d minor

Minja Stankovic 5th grade

Biljana Krstic: Squirrel

Nikola Mladen 1st grade high school

Weinwe: Fox-dance

Stasa Vukadinovic 2nd grade high school

Grieg: Butterfly

Liszt: Etude A flat major Op.1 Nr.9

Iva Vukic 1st year Belgrade Music Academy, prof Branko Pencic

Scarlatti: Sonate d minor

Andrea Kiss 5th grade

Papp: Aquarium Nr. 7 and 8

Liszt: Pastorella del`Alpi