31st October 2018 at 7.00pm
London, UK

This is the world premiere of The Big Invisible Clock (Lola Perrin 2018), Perrin's tenth suite. Described as a 'music art climate suite', the work has theatrical and witty flavours. This performance features Lola on piano with South African vocalist Estelle Kokot alongside visual artists Nazarin Montag & Eleonore Pironneau who provide interactive art elements. Also featured is commentator Fergal Byrne who will interview Farhana Yamin (Associate Fellow, Chatham House) about issues related to our timeline for decarbonisation.

Composed during the summer heatwave, the work contemplates how little information there is about the short timeline we have in which to take the necessary steps to keep the temperature rise to a safer level. The libretto is adapted from words and thoughts the composer collected from climate change experts George Adamson, Laurie Barlow, Graham Bell, Chris Brierley, Tim Crosland, Kris de Meyer, Aubrey Meyer, Kate Raworth & Alex Steffen.

“We have only three or four years to implement a critical plan that will decarbonise our economy by 2050. How many of us know that? I feel like there’s a clock following me around, a big invisible clock. Individuals, corporations and politicians must work together to as never before to prioritise the reducing of carbon emissions to prevent the temperature rise from getting more out of control." (Lola Perrin)

The composer shares her policy on acting locally, nationally and internationally on climate change, and the audience is invited to contribute their words to an art installation created especially for the performance.

St Mary Magdalene Parish Church

Munster Square

London, NW1 3PH


Ticket includes post-concert glass of wine

Lola Perrin

Estelle Kokot

Farhana Yamin


The Big Invisible Clock (Lola Perrin 2018)

Lola Perrin: piano

Estelle Kokot: vocals

The Firsby String Quartet

Fergal Byrne: contriibution with Special Guest

Nazarin Montag: visual art

Eleonore Pironneau: visual art

Part 1: The Big Invisible Clock

Part 2: Is the party over yet?

Part 3: ... 'til everyone knows

Part 4: Let the birds have the skies

Part 5: Bend the curve

Part 6: Spoken word contribution from Fergal Byrne with Special Guest

Part 7: Optimism is a political act

The audience is invited to add words to a specially made art installation

Part 8: Anthem


Post concert drinks


LOLA PERRIN is composer, pianist, publisher, collaborator and founder of ClimateKeys. Since 2005 she has increasingly focussed her artistic activities on climate change issues, composing from different perspectives. In ‘Piano Suite IV: Music from Fragile Light Spaces’ (2005), she turned to art, triggered by sculptor Rachel Whiteread’s journey in the Arctic. In ‘Let’s start at the end’ for two pianos she turned to the apocalypse. After this she turned to witnesses of climate change for ‘Now You See It: for piano and an orchestra of words’ (2015), In ‘Piano Suite IX: Significantus (2016), she turned to audiences, asking for conversation about climate change during the performance - leading to her founding the global initiative, ClimateKeys. In 'The Big Invisible Clock” (2018) she explores the timeline we have in which to decarbonise to keep the temperature rise to a safer level.

ESTELLE KOKOT: South African singer, songwriter, pianist and recording artist who has performed to great acclaim internationally including to South Africa Cork, London and Soho Jazz festivals, as well as the Dusseldorf Jazz Rally and clubs and theatres in Switzerland and Germany, working with numerous artists including Johnny Fourie, Lionel Pillay, Chico Freeman, Herbie Tsoaeli, on bass and Kevin Gibson Kate Shortt. She is currently preparing a new album with her trio featuring new compositions.

FARHANA YAMIN is an internationally recognised environmental lawyer, climate change and development policy expert who has advised leaders from small island states for 20 years. She is Founder of Track 0, an Associate Fellow at Chatham House, and teaches law at University College London

FERGAL BYRNE is a seasoned researcher and writer who has spent more than 20 years writing about business and entrepreneurship, more recently focussing on fundraising, social innovation and sustainability. A long-time contributor to The Financial Times, he has written many reports for the Economist Group; and his writing has appeared in other newspapers including The Guardian, The Evening Standard and The LA Times. Fergal also hosts Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs, a popular podcast interviewing leading social entrepreneurs and innovators on the challenges and lessons building a successful social business.

ELEONORE PIRONNEAU: Originally trained as a painter, but fascinated by the study of semiotics, Pironneau blurs the boundaries between artistic systems of signs: painting, photography, collage, music and installation. The work, thus eluding the solidity of categories and interpretation, encourages us to renounce labels. It invites us beyond language into a world where the skin of the work is leading into the depth of feeling.

NAZARIN MONTAG is a photographer, and visual artist.

THE FIRSBY STRING QUARTET meet weekly on Firsby Road to play together and share their love for all things musical.