This event is part of ClimateKeys, a 'glocal' initiative launching with over thirty concerts in nine countries during October & November 2017 to raise public engagement with CoP23, the 2017 UN climate talks taking place in November. ClimateKeys, founded by London-based composer pianist Lola Perrin, features concert pianists and climate change experts collaborating in performances that include a conversation with the audience about positive response to climate change. To date, over a hundred concert musicians and expert speakers in twenty countries have joined ClimateKeys. More concerts are being planned through 2018.

ClimateKeys concert in Pancevo, Serbia is a proud part of this amazing world project by Lola Perrin gathering pianists and guest-speaker experts in climate change throughout the world.

Jovanka Vićentić and Nataša Sekulić joined ClimateKeys as guest-speakers for Marija Ligeti Balint`s concert with one goal – to get the attention of public to climate changes and how to contribute to make things better using modern ecological solutions.

Kulturni Centar Pančeva

Vojvode Živojina Mišića 4

26101 Pančevo


"We're witnessing the changes in temperatures, much warmer summers, colder winters, rains either too heavy, or no rain at all... just to mention a few most obvious ones. I was born and still live in Pancevo, one of the most polluted cities of Serbia. Part of my life is the constant worry about what we do to our planet and the effort to make it a better, healthier place to be. ClimateKeys takes this effort to a global level. We need to open people’s minds and hearts to see what’s going on and to take steps to change what we all can – still we can. My ClimateKeys concert is focused on bringing the five elements into sound: Fire, Earth, Metal, Wood, Water, through a programme of music by me, Debussy, Scriabin, Cage, Tan Dun and Bach . It’s great to be a part of this global project initiated by Lola Perrin and supported by many great musicians and guest speakers worldwide. I hope that together we can make the change, to leave our children a planet of hope and joy of life!” (MARIJA LIGETI BALINT - PIANIST COMPOSER)


Claude Debussy: Reflets dans l’eau (1908)

Claude Debussy: Cloches a travers les feuilles (1908)

Claude Debussy: Poissons d’or (1908)

Marija Ligeti Balint: Toccata (2009)

John Cage: In a Landscape (1948)

Tan Dun: Floating Clouds, Sunrain Op.1 (1978/79)

Alexander Scriabin: Vers la flamme Op.72 (1914/15)

Johann Sebastian Bach: Preludium C-dur

MARIJA LIGETI BALINT is a pianist, harpsichordist and piano teacher from Pancevo/Serbia. After completing her Master studies at the Belgrade Faculty of Music, she continued her post-graduate studies both at the same faculty as well as at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest/Hungary. Her repertoire includes pieces from pre-baroque to contemporary music, both solo as well as chamber music. The audience could hear her playing at all the major concert halls in Belgrade (Kolarac, SANU Gallery, SKC, Gvarnerius, Belgrade Cultural Center), at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, but also in Hungary, Romenia, Greece, Croatia, Italy.

Her performances were recorded on LP For Music Lovers, CD Piano Music featuring composer Melinda Ligeti, CD Vox Coelestis an experimental version of Christmas Music of Franz Liszt on Yamaha Clavinova, CD Remix Eye Movement in colaboration with Italian musician Norman Baiocchi with her ExP B4 group playing improvized experimental music. Misterious Keyboards is a publication of piano pieces by her students, Pancevo Piano Music is her book of piano music by five composers born in Pancevo. Marija joined the idea of ClimateKeys with great enthusiasm thanks to the invitation by composer-pianist Lola Perrin. It is very important to wake people`s awerenes on the climate changes we are witnessing nowadays. Music as a universal language as one medium, live talk as the other and video as a visual chalnge, can make the audience experience a new dimension in perceiving the problem of climate change, and also to get inspired to make a difference in finding solutions. We all strive to make our world a better place for our children. This might be the one step to it.

ATILA BALINT is a graduate student of Graphic Design department at Technical High School in Pancevo. He has an unconventional photography technique. It is applied to the creation of the Pancevo ClimateKeys Concert visual identity.

JOVANKA VIĆENTIĆ is a Master Engineer of Environmental Protection. The thesis of her Master studies was the strategy of solving the problem of waste in the City of Pancevo. She had an active role on the International Conference Globalization and the Environment organized by ECOLOGICA in 2009. Within the cooperation of the Belgrade Center for Cleaner Production and United Nations Industrial Development Organization, she participated in a project Cleaner Production with Local Municipality (2010). Sustainable Development of Environment Protection is a program for professional development where she worked as a part of the authors` team (2011). As a teacher, she spreads her vision and ideas with her students at 23.maj Technical Highschool in Pancevo as well as at Mihajlo Pupin Center for Talented Children.

NATAŠA SEKULIĆ is Technology Engineer of Environmental Protection. She was a part of NGO Eco Green Team working on ecology problems. As an activist of Recan Fond, focus was on educating young people in ecology and promotion of new solutions in recycling. The name of this project was Gather the Cans- Save Your Environment. Her main occupation is teaching technology subjects at 23.maj Technology Highschool in Pancevo.