DR STUART CAPSTICK (environmental psychologist) &
DR ADAM CORNEr (Research Fellow)

This event is part of ClimateKeys, a glocal initiative launching with over thirty concerts in nine countries during October & November 2017 to raise public engagement with CoP23, the 2017 UN climate talks taking place in November. ClimateKeys, founded by London-based composer pianist Lola Perrin, features concert pianists and climate change experts collaborating in performances that include a conversation with the audience about positive response to climate change. To date, over a hundred concert musicians and guest speakers in twenty countries have joined ClimateKeys. More concerts are being planned through 2018.

This concert takes place within ESRC Festival of Social Science 2017

10 November 2017
Cardiff, UK
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"The list of reasons why we are in this mess is a long one. At the personal level, climate change can seem overwhelming. Perhaps we are simply not equipped – as a species and as individuals – to cope with something as complex and removed from our everyday lives. I want to argue that despite the limitations we possess as human beings, we are capable of finding our way out of this crisis. Most of us care about the welfare of others, even those we have never met and will never know. We sense that it is wrong – and impossible – always to take from the world; most of us want to make it a better place, given the chance. There is a real urgency to climate change, and we already stand to lose a lot of things we’ve taken for granted. But we still have many opportunities to protect what matters to us, and to do things differently. I hope to prompt discussion of how we might take the initiative on climate change, in ways that enable us to feel encouraged and positive about the future." (Dr Stuart Capstick)

"Why - despite what we know, and increasingly what we can see around us in the storms and floods of 2017 - is it so difficult to talk about climate change? What can we do - as communicators, as family members, as friends and colleagues - to shift the social norms on climate change, break the conversational silence that surrounds it, and face the reality of a changing climate like we would any other societal issue? If we can shift climate change from a scientific reality - grounded in data, future projections and abstract policy-talk - to a social reality (what climate change means for the things we love and the future we want to be part of), we will stand a much better chance of building and maintaining the momentum we need for the transition to a low-carbon world." (Dr Adam Corner)

"Talking about climate change needs to move into the center of all we do, so we are scores of pianists putting the conversation into the heart of our concerts." (Lola Perrin, ClimateKeys founder)


Piano Suite IX: Significantus (Lola Perrin 2016)

For piano, guest speakers Dr Stuart Capstick & Dr Adam Corner, and a conversation with the audience

This suite was composed in response to writings about climate change, and how to respond positively. The title is inspired by one of the writings: "We are on the cusp of a new philosophical era reversing 500 years of science telling us how insignificant we are.” (Mark Maslin, University College London). The composer has given the work eleven performances in the UK and Amsterdam. During November Bosnian pianist Biljana Jasic Radovanovic will perform the suite in Banja Luka, Bosnia. American pianist Hsing-Ay Hsu (Boulder, Colorado) and Uk pianist Caroline Tyler (Brighton, UK) will perform extracts.

LOLA PERRIN: Composer, pianist, collaborator, Composer in Residence at Markson Pianos, has published eight piano suites and has two CDs on general release. Collaborates in performance with various artists including Hanif Kureishi, Sue Hubbard, Mihir Bose. Has been interviewed by Quentin Cooper, and about her climate change compositions on BBC’s The Paul Hudson Weather Show. Lola has initiated ClimateKeys in which scores of pianists will be performing with guest speakers to engage audiences in talking about climate change across the world.

DR STUART CAPSTICK is a Research Fellow in the School of Psychology at Cardiff University. He is interested in people’s understanding of environmental problems and ways of promoting sustainable lifestyles. He has published widely on topics including the links between personal experience and how we perceive climate change; the nature of climate change scepticism; international variability in people’s attitudes and beliefs about the environment; and the prospects for achieving more far-reaching emissions reduction through behaviour change. His work has been covered by various media including the BBC, The New Yorker, New Scientist, The Daily Telegraph, and The Guardian.

DR ADAM CORNER is the Research Director at Climate Outreach, one of Europe's leading centres of expertise on public engagement with climate change. He also holds an Honorary Research Fellow position at the School of Psychology, Cardiff University. As well as publishing in academic journals, Adam writes regularly for international media, including The Guardian and New Scientist magazine. He is the author of the book Talking Climate: From Research to Practice in Public Engagement, published in November 2016 through Palgrave MacMillan, and manages the Climate Visuals programme for Climate Outreach, a new flagship project that aims to catalyse a new visual language for climate change through powerful new climate imagery.