Pancevac, November 17th, 2017, translation by M.M.V.

Pianists Initiate Public Attention on Climate Change

ClimateKeys concert is going to take place on November 16th in Pancevo Cultural Center. It is a part of a project by pianists across the world with the idea to initiate talks on climate changes.

More than a hundred pianists worldwide take part in this action, Pancevo being one of the cities thanks to the enthusiasm by pianist Marija Ligeti Balint and her guest-speakers Jovanka Vicentic and Natasa Sekulic, teachers in 23. MayTechnical Schoolin Pancevo. Concerts are being held during the International COP23 Climate Change Conference in November in Bonn.

Lola Perrin composer-pianist initiated the idea of ClimateKeys with one goal – to gather pianists from all over the world initiating talks about climate changes during their concert performances, led by expert guest-speakers.




Pianists Fighting the Climate Change

Pianists across the globe organized a series of concerts named ClimateKeys during the International Climate Change Conference by UN, COP23, in November in Bonn.

Pancevo joined this global action thanks to Marija Ligeti Balint, piano teacher of Jovan Bandur Music School, in a concert at Pancevo Cultural Center on Thursday, November 16th. Atila Balint prepared a video, guest-speakers are Jovanka Vicentic and Natasa Sekulic, teachers of 23 May Technical School.

ClimateKeys is a global event initiated by composer-pianist Lola Perrin with one goal – to gather pianists from the whole world in various concert events with climate change expert guest-speakers who would inspire the audience on further thinking about the effects of climate changes.

Blending music with climate change talks could activate everybody`s need to protect our planet. We are searching for answers how can we, highly conscious individuals, contribute to improving life conditions on Earth, lower the emission of CO2, air pollution, save the water resources, use pure energy sources, which would improve the state of the environment where our children are supposed to live and work. Healthier, we hope.


Claude Debussy: Reflets dans l’eau (1908)

Claude Debussy: Cloches a travers les feuilles (1908)

Claude Debussy: Poissons d’or (1908)

Marija Ligeti Balint: Tokata (2009)

John Cage: In a Landscape (1948)

Tan Dun: Floating Clouds, Sunrain Op.1 (1978/79)

Alexander Scriabin: Vers la flamme Op.72 (1914/15)

Johann Sebastian Bach: Preludium C Major